Ukraine War Know The Truth

Russia seems like it is making good progress, but here some real reports show this is somewhat deceptive, and unbelievable have Ukraine armies taking down Russia armies

Russian forces are winning. They are not just looking to secure the Donblass, but to take all of the Ukraine and decapitate the government, but it is becoming obvious that Russia underestimated the Ukrainian ability to throw a monkey wrench into their plans. Here is what we know.

The missile above is one I talked about, called Javelin. Traditional Russian tactics developed against Tow and Dragon, but never tested on Javelin, are mostly failing and Russian forces are taking pretty severe losses form man portable missiles.

The normal Russian tactic for missile attacks on armored forces is massive artillery attacks and fire on detection to throw off the aim of missile troops. Russian tanks are lighter than Western ones, and are essentially bullets in a gun - they are fired into combat and not expected to come out the other side as long as their mission is completed. However, this ideal has proven costly as suppression of new generation missiles like Javelin has been found to be less effective than the Russians planned.

A big part of this is the tenacity and training of Ukrainian infantry. The idea that Russian sources have put forward is that Ukrainians are not interested in this war and are propped up by the United States. This has absolutely been proven wrong. Ukrainian forces are resisting tooth and nail, ambushing Russian forces, counterattacking from the flank, and allowing themselves to be over run to pop up in the real of Russian columns trying to make their schedules.

Russian leaders are aware that western sanctions will rapidly crash the economy of their country and seem to be trading speed fro casualties. Yet this process is making the loss rate of Russian units even more serious.

The combination of angry, aggressive, well trained Ukrainians and modern missiles is creating a serious issue for the Russians. Worse, it appears that the rather viscous tendency of Russian commanders to execute surrendered soldiers is hurting Russian goals because it is stiffening Ukrainian resolve.

Worse for the Russians is that their calculations for years that they can trade lives for effectiveness is not working the way they want. Both etc T72/80/90 whatever they call it this week and the various armored personal carriers are proving to have a high chance of blowing up when hit, much higher than assumed. The press, wandering around the battlefield because Russian forces do not have the infantry strength to control the rear areas and separatists are cocking up the job, are finding dozens of burned out tanks, many with their turrets thrown from catastrophic explosions.

This is the UK NLAW. These weapons were flooded into the Ukraine after Biden took office and the Trump silent embargo was lifted. Sweden and the the UK also poured the weapons in, and the Baltic states donated their own stockpiles. Right now, with the effectiveness of man portable weapons, Ukrainian soldiers are rumored to be driving pickup trucks to the Romanian border and picking up batches of the weapons.

Just to make some things clear. Ukraine purchased Javelins with their own funds, which Trump took credit for, but it was through the congressionally mandated FMF support account and their own money, and they only were approved for a fraction of the missiles they needed, getting many from the Baltics. Trump slow rolled Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative money, blocked International Military Education and Training needed to train territorials in using missiles, and played games within the FMF even after he was impeached. Witnesses are quite clear that when he was trying to put together a deal to surrender Ukraine to Russia he started to delay these monies, culminating in the use of the money as a threat to gain political favor.

The Biden administration reversed this trend. They released 150 million in U-Aide money, released IMET funds and deployed special forces to Ukraine, and and in general fixed the hash that was made Will it be enough? No. Ukrainian soldiers are chanting “fuck you Russia” but they are dying. When Russia lost huge in Chechnya it just poured more in. The Russian strategy has always been to hide casualties and move decimated units to weird corners of their nation to rebuild. Ate least four Russian Battlegroups may be hors d’ combat, but in the end they have 80 battlkegrops.

Yet the Ukrainian soldiers are terribly outnumbered. Where they will have their day is the insurrection afterwards. The west sees how these missiles have made each Ukrainian a tank killer. As the French say, killing tanks is fun and easy. Putin is using tanks and aircraft to project power, but he is sending cut rate tanks and airplanes in to do the job.