How do I get real human visitors to my website


   How do I get real human visitor to my website

I think the best way to answer such a question is to share with you my experience and how I went from 0 visitors per month to ~270K visits,

Let’s this simple way, and share with you exactly the best and easy way to grow online even with a 0$ budget.

This is not full guide, so please some discipline check back for the next update. I am very sure it will help you increase your website traffic from the first month or even week!


Point 1 : Understand Your Target Audience needs

Whenever I start my websites or blogs, I always understand my potential reader's and visitors' personas. It’s important to understand your website’s users to create a strategy to fulfill their needs. Only then can you bring in quality traffic.

All you need is to answer the following questions:

·         Who is your target audience?

·         What’s the target age group?

·         What are the problems of your audience?

·         How will your potential users find a solution, and where?

·         How much do they already know about a particular topic or problem?

The more questionsyou’ll answer, the better understanding you’ll develop.

Point 2: Build EmailLists marketing        READ THIS PLEASE 

I know this may be weird, as you don't have visitors yet to build email lists, but I put this on top of the list because it’s really something you don't want to miss. Even if you don't have visitors yet, just set up your website and your pages to capture emails and build your lists so that you can turn a one-time visitor into a regular user on your website. (SUPER IMPORTANT)

💡 Remember that 70% of your users leaving your blog will never return.

💡 In email marketing, the average ROI is $42 for every dollar you spend. Which Is Really Awesome!

I think you noticed that I have a Good Open and Click-Through Rate! Do you want to know the HIDEN THINGS ABOUT IT?

It's about keeping your List active and fresh. Every month, I delete all inactive users, and I ensure only interested people are on my list.

💡 Do You Want To Learn Email Marketing For Free? Start Here

Point 3. Make Use of Editorial Calendar

After doing the keyword research, you must have tons of post ideas to share on your blog. But honestly, it can be overwhelming to deal with a large list of keywords. Organizing makes things easy and practical.

Be consistent but don’t be too hard on yourself. Start with a post each weekand rock!


  💡 Tip: you can use Notion to organize not only your Blog but Your Life too

Point 4: Push Notifications

Whenever you visit a website, you usually view a push notification asking you to get notified of new content. It’s a wonderful way to generate traffic to your blog seamlessly. I like it because I can engage with my visitors after they’ve left my blog.

Point 5: Create Useful Content Using Images, Charts, Videos, & More

Create a valuable piece of content for your blog’s users, the most important way to increase blog traffic. And it’s my favorite! Please write on the topics your users cannot resist reading it. Create as many pillar articles and blog posts as possible.

Add images, charts, videos, infographics, tables, and every other thing which adds value to your users. Go in-depth about the subject you’re writing about. Prove your authority in your niche, and you will bring in a lot of traffic to your blog

💡 Tip: One of my favorite tools that I use almost every day to create graphics, posts, banners, and design everything is Canva. And what's nice is that you can use it Totally for free!