“Removing The Subject History From The Country’s School Curriculum Is An Evil, Samuel Ortom

 By Andyson 

Benue State Governor Dr. Samuel Ortom start this.

“Removing the subject History from the country’s school curriculum is an evil agenda to prevent the young generation from knowing their past. Even if Nigeria won’t restore the study of history to the school curriculum, we in Benue will initiate a legislation to make history a compulsory subject in schools in the state. 

Our children need to know how their forefathers lived on this land hundreds of years ago. Our children need to know what took place at Ushongo Hills in 1804 and why this land and our people were not conquered till this day.”

- Governor Samuel Ortom speaking today in Makurdi at ‘Media Week and Communications Day 2021’ organized by the Directorate of Social Communications, Catholic Diocese of Makurdi.

*Thank you so much, Your Excellency*