3 Good Reason Your Should Avoid Big Behind Ladies

The average Nigerian man likes his woman with a big behind. As much as different people have what they look out for in their women, for most Nigerian man, they take special fancy in a woman with a heavy behind. How this men got this attribute, remains unclear, but it is said that African men in general like their women thick and sumptuous. Some men are lovers of heavy bosom, but they don’t stand a chance against the other group of men. Many Nigerians even say it jokingly, that if you see a group of men sitting and jeering loudly, they are either talking about football, or talking about a woman with a big behind.
As much as many men like their woman fleshy, this feature as a lot of downsides, and I’ll like to call the attention of our men to this. After I must have exposed you to my findings, you will probably run the next time you see a woman with a sumptuous behind. The following are reasons why you should avoid these kind of women.
It calls for undue attention.

You can’t take a walk with your woman to get a drink from a store down the street, without the whole world staring at her. As much as it might be fun to know that a lot of people are interested in your woman and you have what every man craves for. It gets uncomfortable when it starts getting to much, and it will definitely get too much, depending on the size of your woman. If you are a man that doesn’t get jealous easily, then you can go ahead.

It is usually associated with pride
Just like when a man achieves a height and gathers lot of assets, there is a high tendency that the spirit of pride falls on him, so also, these category of women see this their God given feature as an asset, this gets into their head, considering the fact that not all women have this feature. The bigger the asset, the bigger the pride.
It is sometimes associated with health issues.

Most women with this feature are usually on the plus size. Big body size is usually associated with one health condition or the other.

This is very common, especially the really heavy women. Asides diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, they usually have issues with their knees.
After all this information I have shared, I am sure most men will to go ahead and go after this thick and voluptuous women, it’s not your fault, it is almost as if it is in the genes. Even I probably will ignore my warnings.
Are you a fan of big behind or you think it is just excess flesh?