5G TECHNOLOGY AND YOU, by Past. Jeffrey Ucheh Oheobe

5G means 5th Generation. The name is somewhat deceptive because it gives the impression this is just another step in the sequence of telecommunications technology. True, it is a step in the series, but certainly not 'just another' step. Compared to the others, this is a quantum leap. It is like moving from one to two to three and so on, then suddenly leaping from ten to a hundred. It is like the difference between various kinds of insects and an elephant. They are all animals, but don't belong in the same world.

The most important aspect of 5G which matters to us is the Internet of Things (IoT). Right now we have smart phones which can do amazing things, so much that one can live his entire life on a phone and be known all over the world without being seen. But the internet of things will bring a whole new dimension to smartness.

There will be so much memory that phones will carry thousands of terabytes with ease. A phone can be the size of a button, yet take you round the world in function. Some will operate from the tip of the ear, others from beneath the skin. Smartphones will display life-size holograms of persons, so that while speaking to someone in America or any other continent, he can be standing right there with you, physically. Televisions will operate in 3D, and their pictures and actions will project to include the viewer, filling the entire room, making you not just watch but experience the movie.

Anything and everything will become smart. Your shoes can be used in directing you to a place you have never known before, and bring you back. Your eyeglasses can act as a security scan for kilometers all around your perimeter. Memory can be uploaded and downloaded to and from the human brain. Your contact lens can have a microchip which contains all the academic books you ever used or will ever need, and you can see it all in a secret screen display connected to your brain. Cars will drive themselves. Law, medicine, business, ministry, everything will be revolutionized. People can learn an entire subject up to doctorate degree just by uploading its software into their brains. Believe me when I say the world is going to change in totality.

There are lots of advantages in the internet of things, and lots of disadvantages too. But in order to limit the length of this post, I will not list them here. I would rather have you realize a few facts relevant to you.

1. The internet of things is a powerful tool which is crucial to the reign of the Antichrist. So also is the 5G technology. The bible makes it clear that the Antichrist will deceive the world by lying wonders. That may mean wonders from a demonic power source. But it also means wonders from secret technology unknown to the generality of humanity. This may shock you, but there are plans currently to technologically simulate the rapture and confuse many before the real event takes place, in order to cheapen it and make the word of God commonplace. But those who know their God shall remain strong!

2. In spite of this fact, 5G in itself is not sinful, and has no spiritual implications. It is simply a technology, though very harmful to the human body because of the radiation it emits. There is a clear correlation between it and the corona virus. However, it is useless praying against it. Prayer can mitigate its effects and reduce the spate of deaths, but will not stop it. We are called to pray for and participate in God's harvest, not to pray against the rise of the Antichrist and the world's preparation for him. Even physical resistance will only delay its full implementation, it will not stop it. All we can and must do is enforce the timeline of God and arrest the advancement of the spirit of death while we're still here.

3. No matter what we do, 5G is a present reality. We will participate in it before we are raptured, for it is an important preparation for the arrival of the Antichrist after we are taken away. We may not celebrate it, but it is important that we learn how to take advantage of it for the work of the kingdom before we depart the earth. We need to develop smart businesses, smart ministries, smart families, smart relationships, smart learning, smart security, smart communication, and learn how to outsmart the world in their game by superior kingdom wisdom. Do not waste all your energies fighting it now, only to reluctantly join in later from the fringes. Take proactive steps now, and upgrade your vision and your methods. You will either be part of the 5G revolution, or a casualty of it. Drop your religious inhibitions, and be part of it!

4. While adapting effectively to the new advancement, do not be swept by it. The bible says in the last days, knowledge shall increase, and with knowledge, iniquity shall abound, and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. To stop your love from waxing cold, never corrupt your knowledge with iniquity. Be an uncompromising beacon of light, and never use technology against humanity or to advance self, pride and greed. Christ's Millennial Reign will see unprecedented technology in action, far higher and greater than anything 5G promises. I believe at that time we'll be using rockets as taxis to visit other galaxies like our Uber ride today. Yet it is still characterized by true, Calvary-grade righteousness. This should be our 5G watchword: righteousness.

5. Out of the internet of things will arise the technology of microchip implants in human bodies. It's already here. This is likely to be the eventual vehicle for the delivery of the number of the Antichrist, 666. I have emphasized before that no matter how much pressure you come under, never permit the implantation of a microchip in your hand or anywhere around your body, whether for economic, identity, health or any other purposes. Why? That would translate to directly aiding the agenda of the Antichrist. All they are doing is practicing with people now, using them as guinea pigs to convey the idea of harmlessness, so when the real thing comes, it will be received without question. The bible makes it clear whoever receives the mark of the beast will be eternally damned, and can never repent or be saved, ever! However, the planting of microchips in humans before the rise of the Antichrist does not entail eternal damnation. When it proceeds from the Antichrist, there is a spiritual dimension to it, because it involves an irreversible decision to worship Satan in disobedience to clear divine warning. The Antichrist will be Satan incarnated in a man, just like Christ is God incarnated in a Man. This means a person who receives a microchip at this time, before the Antichrist, has not received a mark of the beast, and can still be saved. Preach the gospel to them and share God's love with them just like you share it with prostitutes, homosexuals, murderers, drug pushers, and other sinners.

6. The internet of things will also create a major invasion of privacy, and any kind of human action can be remotely monitored and controlled. The real terror of this technological capability will manifest under the Antichrist, after we are gone, and not in this era. It will be his "all-seeing eye", like you see in the Big Brother reality shows. Of course, this makes us all very uncomfortable, jittery and wary of the manipulators behind this technology. But the truth is, we really need not be. If you have nothing to hide, you will not really care who is watching you. The bigger problem is not with those watching you, but with you trying to hide. God doesn't hide, only Satan does. We are children of light, and there is no darkness or shame in us. Even in terms of security, except the Lord watches, we watch in vain. And He does watch, for He says "Who can harm us if we be followers of that which is right?" On the other hand, if what you handle is sensitive and could jeopardize people's lives, learn cybersecurity and how to encrypt information at a whole new level. Do your very best, and leave the rest to God.

7. Also, internet scams will increase exponentially. Technology in the wrong hands is dangerous, but 5G in the wrong hands is a disaster! The first defense against scams is to develop a very close walk with the Spirit of God. If the fruit of the spirit really grows in you, the power of greed will lose its stronghold over you as you develop the character of self-control. Greed and fear are the real factors that make it possible for you to be scammed. If you make it a policy to wait and always hear from God before you take any financial step, you can never be scammed. But in addition, learn some cybersecurity skills, and protect your vital information. Stay well defended in spirit and in skill.

8. Study well, and don't carry rumors. Speak from knowledge, not from fear. Make computer knowledge your close friend. Don't maintain the disinterested attitude that forces you to depend on others for the simplest computer solutions. Learn how to operate handsets beyond making calls, sending text messages and a few other apps. Explore the world of computers. Enlist help from experts. If you do not take this seriously, in the new world, you will become totally irrelevant and be forced to beg to survive. No matter what you do, become computer literate.

9. In all you do, make God your first and last influence and motive. Very soon it will become even more difficult to be a child of God. Being born again will be for many, a life-or-death decision. As people push further and further the frontiers of knowledge, they will despise God as they grow more confident in their ability. They will walk in greater pride and arrogance, and hold the sacred things of God in low esteem. Technology will provide so many answers that it will claim the place of miracles. So, the Christians who are miracle-seekers without true value for God, will find their answers in technology, and will simply abandon God. Then they will turn around to persecute those they call "fanatics". That is how the true sons of God will be revealed. Be among the true sons. Be a God-chaser, not a God-user.

You are loved!