Good day Nigerians, I stand to address you today on the emergencies the world has found its self and our dear nation is not excluded from this menace that has been tagged global pandemic.
While we were battling to safeguard Nigerians from the grip of insurgency and other forms of criminalities that stand on our way of progress as a people, an explosion in Lagos where fellow Nigerians died aggravated a complex situation we found ourselves.
We are doing everything within our reach to reach out to the victims, their families and loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. We shall unravel the cause of the explosion and anyone found wanting shall be prosecuted. I commend the National Emergence Management Agency (NEMA) and other Government agencies for their prompt response.
Rev Sis Henrietta Alokha, the principal who brought out her students out of the flames but couldn't bring out her self, shows us the idea and patriotic spirit of the women of this great nation of ours.

She is the heroine and fountain of inspiration from that flame that consumed our lives, burnt our properties but could not burn our resolve and hope in a brighter future.

Sister Henrietta put her life on the line to save young dreams, like how men and women of our Armed Forces are waking up everyday to confront criminalities, risking their lives to keep us safe and far from the reach of terror. I salute their sacrifices at this crucial time.

It was another Nigerian woman by the name Stella Adedhavo who fought our battle when she defeated ebola with barehands. Sis Henrietta and Dr Stella both define the patriotic spirit in us to risk our lives for ourselves if need be.

Today, the world has a crisis; COVID-19. What we heard from China and have been battling to isolate Nigerians abroad from it to the barest minimum, came knocking on our shores.

I call on all Nigerians that this call by Coronavirus on our shores is not a call to panic, but a call to rise up and show the Stella Adedhavo in us. This time we shall triumph over it not with barehands but with faith in God, adhering to medical advices that could curtail the spread of the menace.

We must stand firm, we must unite on a common frontier to fight this virus that has declared war on us. This is not time to be mischievous with this menace as the virus doesn't ask of your political affiliation, tribe or religion when it tries to take life out you. This is the time to unite, yes unite to face a common enemy.

We have taken measures to protect our lives and businesses to absorb the effects of this medical and economic war in the form of Coronavirus that came knocking on our doors. The Central Bank of Nigeria is making available 1.1 Trillion Naira to this effect.

We have also reduced the pump price of petrol to 125 - 130 naira to reflect the crash of the oil in international marketing and also take off some of the burdens off Nigeria.

Our borders would remain closed to 13 worst affected countries. The safety of all Nigerians is supreme to any of economic consideration.

We are monitoring the spread of this virus in Nigeria and across the globe. We are doing everything to protect all Nigerians home and abroad.

To our brothers and sisters infected already, you are not alone in that isolation center. Our love and prayers are with you and we are doing everything possible to get the virus off you.

This virus has not come to break us apart, but to unite us on one frontline to protect our lives, our heritage, our culture, our identity and our land.

God bless you, and may God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Enenche Enenche
Abuja, Nigeria