Tales Of A Lesbian || Episode One√ 🌈

I don't remember exactly how I got into this mess but I could remember this would never have happened if I never packed out of my old house.

And my stupid boyfriend caused everything,
when I got into school everything was moving fine, I had all I needed, life was smooth and then I met Godwin, he was my lucky star he was always there, he made things easier for me it was so relieving to have him around, if it's  money he always gives me, if it's time he always give me his time I could say he was just the perfect guy for me things moved on well until we got so close to the extent that I felt I should do more for him.
So there was this day I went to his house as I always did I cooked and we ate at about past 6 p.m. I was getting ready to leave when I noticed he was sitting down all moody, "Oga what is wrong" I asked him, he didn't say a word so I sat back on the bed cross my hands around his neck and asked again this time more slowly "What's happening now?", it was as though he had swallowed a stone because he wanted to talk but something was holding him back he finally opened his mouth and said "I'm horny" me I just sat down there shocked, I was shocked because earlier on we agreed, NO SEX,  since we both were Christians,

"What  do you want me to do Godwin? you know we agreed on this sex issue already", I said.
"Yes I know but I just want you to make me release without penetrating you" he said, me I was still confused OK, though I knew there was a way to make men release without them penetrating the lady, but I never knew how,
"How is that possible?" I asked, "I will put my d**k in between your legs why you close them real tight and that's all" he replied.
Me I was still shocked  by his thoughts oh, what am I going to do now I thought it over, he had done a lot for me and I was like well let me give it a try, I got back on the bed he undressed and pulled off my trouser and did his thing, I felt disgusted but I was like well it's not Sex after all, if this will make him feel better then it's fine,
He thanked  me, I kissed him goodnight, he walked me to the roadside where I left for my house.
This became a normal routine each time he comes to my house or I go to his house he always wanted to release, we were no longer joking and laughing again, I was bored with the whole relationship stuff, we were not connecting as before again,
He texted me and told me that he was tired of the relationship, imagine the nonsense after all I did for him I was heartbroken I felt more dirtier,

So I decided to erase every memory of him; that idiot, by the end of the session I started looking for a new place to pack to and start a new and better life, because I don't want to remember any of those naughty things we did,
I packed and  got settled and then I met CYNTHIA...
this is where the story began...

To be continued•••••••∆√

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