Samson Okwu Sents His Boys To Block Oju Otukpo Road

Samson Okwu sents his boys to block Oju otukpo road, they also threatened to kill any Nick Eworo supporters they see at sit.
We advise Rt Hon Nick Eworo supporters and that of Ogewu David to Remain indoor.
Hon Samson Okwu has declared war on Igede people, Ver sad
The information gather Samson Okwu sent his boys to
block Oju Otukpo road

More reaction to that from a facebook user name withheld posted
Samson okwu u represent us for good 12 years waiting we gain from you. u no the even ashamed of yourself. No good road to your papa house. you get mind to send people to block read. go and enjoy yourself with the one u thief. and live us alone. your time is over. congratulations David.

we call on the elders of our land to call HIM to order, and let PEACE REIGN

more details soon