Politics Of Opposition In Igede Iand By STEPHEN OBEGA

Social media activist
Share light on just concluded Governorship election and state House of Assemblys .
For Benue state
Particular in  OJU/OBI.

Politics Of Opposition In Igede Iand
He wrote this in one of  popular and most active igede group
That drown the notable men of IGEDE to it
If Tiv who are the majority said "we want ORTOM BACK "
Why are we opposing them by voting massively for his opposition ? Even if his opposition was a good man but provided that our votes aren't majority ,why can't we play politics of following majority to enable political appointments and developmental activities to our land ?
OJU/OBI massively voted against ORTOM ,whereas only logo local government results where ORTOM scored the highest votes,covered the total results of oju/obi .
I'm not defending ORTOM for any favour ,but if your grievances toward him is as a results of his inability to paid salaries and

pensions etc ,how many of our (igede) people are salary earners ? If Tiv /Idoma who enjoyed salaries and wages during surplus are saying "we preferred ORTOM ,"what's our grieved here?
I decided to post this here so that the youngs upcoming politician won't follow the footsteps of our old politicians who always supporting the  losers .

ORTOM losses from oju/obi but winning in most of the tiv local governments


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