9 Guaranteed Ways To Start A Conversation With Any Lady

 I remembered those days in my secondary school, talking to a girl was like answering a tough question from my Geography teacher who was stern and strict. Then I would be looking at a girl without having any idea on how to start up a conversation with her. Seriously most guys right now are like me then. They see starting up a conversation with a girl as walking through the lion’s den but today, I will show you 9 guaranteed ways or steps I use in starting up a conversation with any lady.Be rest assured that you won’t be that same guy again after reading these 9 steps I’ve mastered.

1. The word ‘Hi’ is a captivating word you need to glue to your mouth. Never underestimate it as it has a long way of bringing the attention of any lady.

2. Be quick to look out for a nice topic around you that is captivating. You need to be creative and pick out a topic that is worth discussing. She will definitely heed to you if the topic you brought up is worth it.

3. Believe it or not, ladies are fond of guys who are well-informed and updated with the latest entertainment and celebrity news around the globe. Do not be an outdated guy wanting to talk with an updated lady. She will not listen to you.

4. Whenever you are with your friends and she is close by, try asking for her opinion on a particular discussion you are having with your friends. She will find it worthy to air her view and from there you can start up a conversation with her.

5. Girls do not admire guys who are dull, timid, shy and just not funny. They like guys who are fun to be with. You can come up with good and funny stories. Show her that you can make her laugh even in the midst of her sadness. Don’t be a boring person to be with.

6. Place a bet with her as this would make sure your conversation does not just die down completely. Make her guess something right and you buy her a gift and if she gets it wrong, no gift. This is one guaranteed way to keep a conversation with a lady.

7. Start up a gender-related argument with your friends whenever you notice her around. She will be interested to come into the argument as to protect her gender and then from there you can start up a conversation with her.

8. Every lady loves to be complimented. If you want to get her attention to start up a conversation with you, then you need to compliment her. Words like, ‘Your hair-style is cute’, ‘Your dress looks perfect on you’, ‘you are a charming princess’.

9. Notice when she needs help and offer to help her at that moment. You may see her struggling to lift up something, go to her and quietly offer to help her lift it up. From there you can start up a conversation with her. You can offer to buy a drink for her.With these 9 steps that I have just given to you, you are guaranteed to starting up a conversation with any lady without been turned down.

Share with me what other ways you use in starting up a conversation with a lady and don’t forget to share this article.