‘I’v initiated move to expose looters of Igede people’s money’

MBTC Chairman, Chief Ochi Ode Emmanuel has been speaking on the Saturday House of Reps election for Oju/Obi federal constituency, urging incumbent Samson Okwu to congratulate APGA’s David Ogewu who has been declared winner of the poll in Oju by the INEC Returning Officer in the area.

You led Igede stakeholders to endorse David Ogewu for election to the House of Representatives and and he has just been declared the poll winner based on votes in Oju. What’s  your post election comment?
Like I said, the era of hooliganism, impunity, and of rascality of a few people ganging up against the general wish of Igede people is gone for good.
What is happening in Igede in terms of electoral process is a Tsunami. And it is high time we got back to our orderliness in the scheme of things in Igede nation than following the trend of things being imported from the outside world.
We are known to be responsible people who listen to words of advice from the elders. It is out of Igede culture completely for people to arrogate power to themselves without regard for constituted authorities.
I am happy with what is happening and am happy to be part of the process that is giving birth to this tsunami in Igede nation.
Your endorsement of Ogewu close to the election that produced him as the next Rep is seen by some as divisive. What is your reaction to this?
Let me first and foremost address the issue of Obi.
That is not true. I called a meeting of critical stakeholders in Igede nation to assess the true position of things as regards the House of Reps slot for Oju and Obi.
It was generally agreed after due process of assessing the position that it should be returned to Oju from Obi local government area. And when further assessment was conducted as to where the slot has to swing in Oju, it was equally agreed that it should go to Ogewu.
It was on this basis the meeting decided that the position had to return to Oju. They set up a committee that would reach out to Obi local government stakeholders so as to agree on this issue of returning the House of Reps slot to Oju. The committee did their work so well and I must commend them.
With the success of the committee and with the general consensus and campaigns, they worked hand-in-hand with the electorate to overwhelmingly vote the candidate of APGA, Evangelist David Ogewu.
INEC returning officer reportedly declared the poll results devoid of Obi’s votes because of cancelation, will this not impact adversely on the declaration?
Absolutely no, it won't have any adverse effect. The issue here is that it was a calculated attempt by someone who knows he has lost the election to disrupt the conclusion. He was only being clever by half, knowing fully well that his actions targeted at cancelling the votes from Obi when he knows fully well that all the votes he as a person garnered from Obi are added from whatever he has gotten from few votes he got from Oju would not even have any material significance to the total votes Ogewu got to be declared winner. So, even if he goes to court and the arithmetic of adding and subtraction is done he is still going to be a distant loser.
Samson Okwu should just go to Ogewu and congratulate him and join hands in the process of building Igede nation of our dream.
Don’t you think Oju people might have expressed their anger on Obi they way they voted?
I want to differ on the use of the word anger. Politics is about negotiation and dialogue. The Obi people are still our brothers. The issue here is not like a matter of impunity. The Oju people are very reasonable people just like Obi people too. What belongs to A should be given to A and what belongs to B should be given B as well. That is the essence of relationship. Our relationship is not just a mere one;  it’s a blood relationship, Igede nation is one.
This is the point we are all making; we are all sons and daughters of the same father and mother. So the issue here should not be a matter of anger but of understanding and like I have said we are returning back to what Igede nation is known for.
In due time, some of these house boys and girls that have been made to have a shut at any leadership in Oju and Obi that have used their positions wrongly to amass wealth to their paymasters will soon be revisited and anyone found culpable of embezzling the general funds of Igede nation for the benefits of whoever will be brought to book and such people will never be allowed to hold any sensible position in Igede nation again.
This is a movement like I said; I am not a politician and I have never dreamt of becoming one. But as a stakeholder in Igede nation my voice and the like voice of critical stakeholders in Igede nation must be heard loud and clear. That is a warning that we have given to some of them. Some of them have used their positions to still money from the general funds of Igede nation. They should do well to refund such amounts and as I am talking to you I have initiated a movement that is going to expose house boys and house girls that have been foisted on Igede nation who are making mouth today with their ill gotten wealth.
Credit James Ibechi