On begins  to wonder Why the Rt. Hon. Samson Okwu, the acidental Representative of oju/Obi Federal House could not view his political image on societal screen before acting.       
                        When one's sins bcomes iniquity, the bible said,  forgiveness is a mirage. No one in Igede can contest the argument on how the significant failure of Hon. Okwu Aja Samson  who waisted almost 8 years in National Assembly is the obvious reasons why many good hands have decided to joined the race to rescue IgedeNation  from the grips  of mediocre like Okwu.               
He who lives in a glass House ,  they said, does not throw stone. Okwu has invited moral war on the people that he can not withstand when the isues  of morality and mental weapons is placed  on the table.                                    Yes, a well- known legislative doomy, a man whose alligations  of gross immorality using his public  office as an advantage  to victimised less previleged  peoples , a misfurtuned Representative to IgedeNation whose image has been  buried for years due to Okwu's inability to compete Favourably  with his contemporaries,   has began to misplace wisdom and  sanity with impurities on  a campain ground.                                  Hon. Okwu who  felt  he can decieve IgedeNation to return himself as third timer should realise that Igede has a political culture  which he can not   be changed   on a 'plater of gold'.                            Okwu who in 2017, sperculating the fictitious  rumour that Comrade Ben Obega   is his  agent on the race was proved wronged as a blatant liar  through Obega's unweaving strougle, and his unsual political formulae  to be enthroned , God willing.                           
As if that was not enough,  anywhere Okwu  goes ,as he has no cogent reason to reap support from peoples, he kept misleading peoples, Now, Obega is no more an  agent of his evil agenda  but  Obega, Egbiri, and Ogbole are now working for him he said.                                         This his  constructive  and mipoic thinking to the size of his usual  low knowledge to confuse Obega' s myraid of  supporters.             
To the suprise of many in a society, how could  such things be  posible? Does Hon. Okwu's background ,  if not  an opportunity that ran into him when political offices was left in the domain of an   amature political players has weight to commonise these personalities?               
This unguided altrances was  credited to samson Aja  Okwu at Adenu campain ground  where he has no planed manifesteos  than to say  Comrade Engr. Ben Obega, the generally earmarked as the  most intellitual and resiliance candidate of labour party for oju/ obi fed. House of Rept and Egberi Idah of ADC are not serious.                                       These candidates have no  chioce than to plead with Okwu to  explain the contextial meaning of  "No serious" to Igede people.                               Is it a failure  and a  moral   crime on their side of not  incline  to syphone  community development funds to buy vote? Or their inability to use  'black powe'r to be enthroned  into political offices as common with many black politicians or  what?                              Okwu whose speaches anywhere he goes, after the painful death of 8 Igede people on their way to pdp flag off ,telling peoples  on how he had been sending fund/ money  to better the life of  uwokwu clan , that his  late political supporters had been  robbing  their peoples,  that the gross under-.devolopment there characterised by no Road, no Electricity and other social amenities  ,is not his fault.. But the question is, the leader who has no  contact  with his subjects has liver to bargain  for 3rd term?       One ould not explain if Okwu realy mean to mock their death and immediate families  or his usual insisitivity to socio- cultural issues ignited by his low level of education ever known by Igedeman.   
The 2nd  term Honourarable who had never moved or support motion in the legilative floor, his building his political castle on the air to becomes a Nigerian's Deputy speaker at 9th Assembly ,as a bate to lore Igede people into more local and international disgrace.  What a falacy!       
 Okwu should be reminded that his  crude finanial Strenght he leaned  upon, is indeed, a  acatalyst to his exit door from National Assembly this year.                                              The candidates whom he  is  attackng probably, on acount of  electoral phobia,has advised  him to play  by the rules. That raining insult in other oponents can not right his gross limitations that pave way to socio- political  unrest in Igede developmental project.                                          If Okwu is wise ,  they said,  he should call for constituency  briefing to easy his third term bid..knowladge is
power.Sadly enough, Hon. Samson  Aja Okwu is a natural victim of a golden virture called wisdom, he can not buy that one with  community allocated funds.

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